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Partybag 8

The world's lightest and most powerful battery-powered speaker.


Partybag is designed to deliver exceptional sound in any situation.
With its built-in battery, it doesn't need wires and can accompany you anywhere without compromising audio quality.

Lightweight, weighing only 6 kg, it's easily transportable.

Durable, constructed with a sturdy multilayer wooden structure and integrated into a scratch-resistant CORDURA® backpack with a protective cover.


Only 6 kg

Scratch resistant

Coated in CORDURA®


With protective cover

High power

2x100W RMS

Long battery life

From 8 to 60 hours

High-quality audio

Integrated DSP

Long-lasting power

200 watt amplifier
Up to 60 hours of battery life
With a 2x100W RMS amplifier, an 8-inch FaitalPRO® woofer, and a 1-inch compression driver, Partybag guarantees high power and sound efficiency. The integrated digital signal processor ensures clean and balanced sound without exceptions.

Thanks to the high-capacity lithium battery, you don't have to worry about running out of power mid-event. Partybag has an 8 hours battery life at maximum volume and up to 60 hours at low volume.

This makes Partybag the ideal portable speaker for those who desire high-quality sound and reliable performance.

Packed with features

Click on the control panel to discover them

COMBO XLR/Jack (mono) input with High Impedance (Hi-Z) selector

Allows you to connect a microphone, musical instrument, or any audio source. The Hi-Z switch activate high impedance mode.

Activate this mode when directly connecting instruments that require a high impedance input (e.g., instruments with passive pick-ups).

"Voice Priority" function

Activates the automatic volume reduction function of audio signals present on AUX, Bluetooth®, and USB when the signal level on the MIC/LINE inputs exceeds a certain threshold. The corresponding LED turning on confirms its activation.

This function can be useful, for example, in "voice-over" applications, where you want to automatically reduce the volume of music in order to hear the announcer's voice more clearly.

COMBO XLR/Jack (mono) input with switch for 48V Phantom power supply

Allows you to connect a microphone, musical instrument or any audio source. The switch activates the 48V Phantom power supply.
The corresponding LED turning on confirms its activation.
The Phantom power is only present on the XLR input and not on the Jack 6.3mm input.

Only activate this function when connecting to the XLR input a device that requires Phantom power (e.g., condenser microphones).
Using Phantom power with incompatible devices can cause permanent damage to the connected equipment.

Jack 6.3 mm output (mono)

Pre-amplified and mixed audio output for connecting additional Partybag or other audio systems

Mini-Jack 3.5 mm input (stereo)

Input for generic audio devices with line output.

MP3/USB Player

Allows you to connect USB memory devices and play MP3 files from them, controlling playback with the dedicated buttons.

This port can also charge or power external USB devices (e.g., smartphones, USB mixers, etc.).

Bluetooth® Audio Receiver

Connect any Bluetooth® audio device to Partybag and play your music directly from your phone, tablet, etc.

A long press of the button (2 seconds) turns on/off the Bluetooth® receiver. With a single short press (with Bluetooth® on), it activates the receiver pairing mode for 60 seconds. The corresponding LED shows its status: LED on = Bluetooth® on and connected, LED off = Bluetooth® off, LED flashing = Bluetooth® in pairing mode.

Charging socket

Allows connection of the supplied charger to recharge the Partybag battery.

The corresponding LED indicates Partybag's charging status. LED OFF = charger not connected, orange = charging in progress, flashing green = charging in completion, green = fully charged, red = incorrect charger voltage.

A full battery charge (from 0% to 100%) takes about 3.5 hours. The charging time may increase if Partybag is used during charging.

Video gallery

Partybag is versatile and adapts to your needs, from events to concerts. Discover its many possibilities with these videos.

Remember, live sound quality is a whole different experience!


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Technical Specifications

All the details you need
Frequency response (-3dB): 70 Hz - 20000 Hz
Maximum sound pressure level: 121 dB SPL (peak), 115 dB SPL (C-weighted)
Tweeter: 1” compression driver
Woofer: 8” by FaitalPRO®
Amplifier: Class D 2x100 W RMS, controlled by DSP
Enclosure: Multilayer wood, with bass reflex
Analog inputs:
2 x MIC/LINE: COMBO XLR/Jack 6.3 mm (balanced) with gain
  High-Z switch on channel 1
  48V Phantom switch on channel 2
1 x AUX: Mini-Jack 3.5 mm stereo

Digital inputs:
MP3/USB Player
Bluetooth® 4.2 Receiver

Analog outputs:
LINE OUT: Jack 6.3 mm (unbalanced)
USB charging port: 5 V 500 mA
Battery: Li-Ion 25.9 V, 3800 mAh, 98.42 Wh
Battery live at full volume: 8 hours
Battery life at minimum volume: 60 hours
Battery charger: Input 100 - 240 V AC 50/60 Hz 1 A, Output 29.4 V DC 2 A
Battery charging time: 2.5 hours (from 0% to 90%)
Height: 48 cm
Width: 31 cm
Depth: 25 cm
Net Weight: 6.3 kg
Backpack internal capacity: 7 litres (divided into 3 pockets)
Backpack fabric: CORDURA®

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P.IVA: IT02597380357

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